Peetow is an advanced sales and inventory system like no other. Its REAL-TIME, FULLY INTEGRATED with front & backend and COMPLETE with features that you need to holistically manage your business more efficiently and productively. It is especially designed for businesses running in kiosks, boutiques and carts so you can save money, time and space. Turn to Peetow and discover how we can change the game of your business.

Take full control of your Business.

Peetow will help you in your Sales, Inventory and Cash Management.

Peetow is your Sales System

No more log books, turning of hundreds of pages (usually) and manual listing of transactions on your staff notebooks. With Peetow, all your sales transactions are recorded and logged virtually so you can easily go back and review then faster. Capture accurate sales reports and in time. Filter find a transaction hourly, daily or weekly basis in jeust a few clicks with your dashboard access.

The Front-End and Back-End Integration

You probably have a seperate system for your "front-end" and "back-end" operation. One works for store transactions and another system for processes. Bridging the gap between these operataions is often time-consuming and heavily reliable on manpower. Peetow resolves this issue. It links transactions and data for both parties so you will get the full view of both front-end and back-end operations, again real-time. This saves time, money and effort.

Peetow is your Inventory System

Now you won't have to miss and overlook inventory inconsistencies. With Peetow, you will have the ability to easily monitor stocks from your office, warehouse and even branches. Simply supervise inventory counts and movements of supplies via real-time indicators so you can decide of the dot and quickly address potential discrepancies.

Peetow is your Cash System

Tired of manually calculating and tallying your financial figures? Peetow will help you facilitate finances all in one place. Easily identify gross profits per branch per day or as frequent as you want. Track deposits and efforlessly identfy inaccuracies without the hassle of conventional calculations. With Peetow, convenient finance reporting has never been this reachable.

Other Essential Features


Dashboard Reports

Employee Timekeeping